XIAOMI VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner – Your domestic helper

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro vacuum cleaner with 2 in 1 Sweep and Mop you can not only sweep the floor but also polish your floor with the mopping pad. So why not let VIOMI V2 Pro help you and your family at the busy schedule you have at work and other hobbies. You can also spend time together as the family and let your automatic family members do the dirty work.  

Viomi V2 Pro Mopping Master - Sweeping and mopping cleaning robot

It has three kinds of working mode: 

  • Simulate manual mopping
  • Smart electronic control water tank
  • 2100Pa large suction
  • New upgraded LDS laser navigation

Why not support cleaning and mopping in one time with a newly designed large capacity 2 in 1 water tank. 

It has a three-level smart water control system
What that means is that with powerful water control black technology, equipped with precision electronically controlled water tank and micro-controlled water pump, it can accurately control the water output. It can not be blocked for a long time. It can also sense the water state. The chip is intelligently controlled, does not move without water and protects the wooden floor.

Its laser navigation gives the robot an option to intelligently plan a real-time whole-house map. 

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laser navigation vacuum cleaner robot

It also has a new Japanese brushless motor, which achieves 2100 Pa of suction. It can easily absorb dust particles and we can enjoy the comfort of bare feet walking on our wooden floors. 

Obstacles? No problem. 2 cm obstacles climbing capability. It can become a small off-road vacuum cleaner 😉

no problem obstacles vacuum cleaner

The best part is, that you get an app and you can divide the room, bedroom, living room, kitchen and later decide which room you would like to clean or you would like that the robot is going to clean. It is equipped with 12 types of multi-directional sensors, so it means that it can easily avoid obstacles and take care of your precious furniture. 

At the end of the cleaning process or when the battery is almost too low to continue the process, an automatic return function comes in place. It takes the shortest path to return to the docking station for quick charging. 

Main Features:

●Laser Navigation
360-degree laser scanning, LDS radar ranging, SLAM algorithm real-time construction of the whole house environment map, intelligent planning cleaning path.

●Mopping Master
Professional mopping path design, simulating artificial mopping, two-way repeated wiping. 550ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank three-stage water volume adjustment, even water protection wooden floor.

●3 Working Modes
550ml dust box large area sweeping, 550ml water tank large area mopping, 300 dust box +200 water tank sweeping one.

●Mi Home APP Remote Control
You can manually control the VIOMI sweeper, just like a remote control car.

●2100Pa Suction
The cleaning ability is greatly improved, equipped with the Japanese brushless motor, and the air duct design is adjusted to achieve 2100 Pa suction, can absorb ground dust, hair, rice, soybeans, steel balls, and other large particles.

●Automatic Recharge + Breakpoint Continuous Sweep
The working capacity is lower than 20%, the sweeping machine automatically recharges to 80% of the power and automatically resumes to the breakpoint to avoid the sweeping and repeating cleaning.

●Mi Home APP Control
Make an appointment to clean, regularly clean, name the area, view the cleaning path in real-time, and set the no-cleaning area.

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