The World’s First Smartwatch with Face ID technology

I am talking about an amazing new smartwatch technology of a new Smartwatch KOSPET Prime SE. By the looks, we can normally compare Kospet smartwatch with other typical smartwatches. But when we get in the details, things become much more interesting and unordinary.

World first smartwatch with Face ID

First, it is important to outpoint that Kospet Prime SE supports the Nano SIM card, which allows you to make separate calls and receive or send messages when you have your phone in the car, in the bag or even not near you. Support for the Nano SIM card is not the only unordinary and not an everyday thing we can see on this Smartwatch. Kospet Prime SE is equipped with DUAL CAMERAS, which allows you to make video calls at any time and to take a photo with your smartwatch, without your phone.

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Lets go back to the Smartwatch, which uses a 1.6 inch IPS Touch Screen with 400 x 400 resolution.

Prime SE has a battery with a capacity of 1260 mAh, which is nearly 40% higher than other Android smartwatches currently on the market. This means 72 hours of normal use and continuous music playback, 8 hours of calling, 6 hours of using GPS of the smartwatch. It offers also quite fast charging. You can fully charge it in just 2 hours.

If I compare that to my long-time use LG Round smartwatch, this is significantly better. And I must admit that LG Smartwatch R doesn’t have any of these features that Prime SE has.

Let’s talk about the Face ID Technology a bit more. It is the first smartwatch in the World that uses Face ID to better protect your privacy. It collects 1068 facial details to securely unlock your watch in just 0.1 seconds. This is a great security feature since many other smartwatches don’t even have that kind of security or any other way to secure the use of the watch.

The best thing about this smartwatch is also integrated dual-camera design (2MP front camera for unlocking purposes + 8MP side camera) that allows you to make video calls when your phone is not around. 8MP side camera can also be used to take pictures when you need to.

You will be impressed with the dual 4g global frequency that this smartwatch uses. Just put another nano-SIM card in the watch and you are ready to take independent phone calls or send messages without your phone.

Since Prime SE uses Android 7.1.1 and as well as 1GB RAM + 16GB of internal storage, the Prime SE allows you to download from the Google Play store any apps you want. Hey, you can even use Facebook on the Prime SE.

Now, let’s talk about the design and the materials and endurance of the Smartwatch. High hardness ceramic bezels prevent scratches and improve durability. The hardness of high-tech ceramics can reach 8 to 9 Mohs, second only to natural diamonds. It can prevent the surface from scratches in daily use and does not interfere with signal reception.

And of course, as with other Smartwatches, you can customize your watch faces and replace the watchband.

The best thing about this smartwatch is that when you go running, you can easily leave your smartphone at home… and you can use your Kospet Prime SE for everything. For calls, messages and for tracking your complete running training.

And that I don’t forget, Kospet Prime SE is also IP67 waterproof.
If you are thinking of buying a Smartwatch and you don’t know which one to buy and don’t want to spend over 250 or even more Euros for the Watch, I recommend you to go and buy Kospet Prime SE.

If you ask me if you should:
– avoid it,
– consider it,
– shortlist it,
go and buy it.

I would say if you are thinking of buying it… just go and buy it. You won’t be disappointed with all these functions.

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