LG V40 – Phone with 5 cameras – Is it good?

Couple of weeks ago I have received LG’s flagship mobile phone for reviewing and unboxing and it. I am talking about LG V40 ThinQ. First I need to say THANK YOU LG MOBILE SLOVENIA for sending me this powerful device.

LG V40 – amazing design with gorgeous colour on the back.

V40 (this is how I am going to call it in this article) is not hiding its power. After you grab the phone you know that this is the real thing and that it is not just fooling around. It feels very premium, very solid in hands and damn! it is really really beautiful. Especially this particular color that I received… it is so beautifully blueish that it is almost amazing.

On the backside, you cannot miss 3 lenses that are watching you. One thing that is worth saying is… that this phone’s back is almost completely flat. The camera compartment is just a tiny bit raised from the backplate that is completely made out of the glass. We are talking about Gorilla Glass 5 here and not 6.

3 lenses… Zoomed 2X, Normal. and Wide.

Right after I have powered V40 I have noticed how vivid and crisp the screen is. Yes… but of course… it is P-OLED screen 6.4″ so it is almost edge to edge. At the top of the front, you can find the notch. Some say that they hate it, some say they loved it… but it depends just on how you get used to it. I am not bothered by the notch. In the notch compartment, V40 is hiding 2 camera for selfies and some other useful sensors.

Let’s see why this phone is well known for. It’s all about the cameras. Well on the back we have three cameras (Zoomed 2X, Normal. and Wide) All three cameras are doing quite a good job. Since my lighting was not the best, I have noticed that the cameras have some problems with the low light situation. Details are easily lost in the low light situation and the photo becomes fairly unsharp. This is usually happening when you have enabled the “Night mode”. But when the night mode is off, details are back. That is why I rather use the camera with night mode turned off and switched to pro mode. When you are outside and taking photos with any of the lenses, you get amazing results. Video shooting is again one thing where V40 is the best. It offers you all manual modes of video shooting. You can set everything from the white balance over to the audio to stereo recording. It also shows peak leveling of audio, so you can adjust the input gain if you need to.

You don’t even have to worry about splashes and dropping the V40 in the water. It is rated with IP68, so it is dust and water resistant. They even claim that it is resistant to be in the water of depth 1.5m for 30 minutes. With 169 grams LG V40 is one solid and really attractive device that offers you also wireless charging.

Speaker sound quality is also quite amazing, because of the BoomBox effect. LG started with this effect on LG G7 and I must say, that on LG G7 speaker is much louder and clearer than on LG V40. Sound is good, but if you have G7 to compare it with, it is G7 that wins the battle.

Overall, LG V40 is very attractive and powerful device. On the scale from 1 to 10 I will give V40 a solid 8. It has an amazing screen, beautiful design, great cameras, but it has a fingerprint scanner on the back and not under the screen and it’s speaker is a bit behind than the speaker in G7. But if you are looking for a new mobile phone with lots of great specs, I will definitely recommend V40.

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