Is this real? Handheld color portable printer – MBrush at Geekbuying

I am talking about Mbrush Mobile Color Printer Portable Handheld Printer that Supports WIFI and USB Connection. 

Mbrush is the ultimate handheld, portable printer. It is ultra-lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand and lets you create fast, vivid, color prints almost anywhere. It works over Wi-fi with your phone to easily upload any text, image or design and instantly print onto virtually any object or surface at the touch of a button. 

Printing has never been more mobile and more convenient. 

The Incredible lightweight, the color printer is portable enough to take the power of inkjet printing on-the-go anywhere you want. It’s color inkjet personalizes ordinary objects, makes messages that stand out and is the perfect tool for arts and crafts. It’s perfect for business, travel, events, art and even fun. 

mbrush portable printer geekbuying any surface

The biggest limitation of traditional printers is that they can only print on paper. Until now, expensive laser engravers and screen-printing were required for putting logos and lettering on everyday objects. Now, with the Mbrush handheld portable printer, virtually any object can be printed upon. It makes precise prints on virtually any materials including paper, metal, textiles, plastics, wood, leather and other building and artistic materials. There is only different ink-jet cartridge needed for printing to plastic, metal and other glossy surfaces. 

Print on rough, curved and uneven surfaces

It works on any texture or shape even on the skin, and can print over uneven surfaces with ease. 

uneven surfaces mbrush geekbuyin coupon code

Personal Tattoo Printer

In addition to other surfaces, Mbrush is perfect for making safe temporary tattoos on the skin. Get creative with any design to add art or messages to the skin in a safe way. 

personal tattoo maker portable printer mbrush geekbuying

Ultimate On-the-go Printing

Until now, other portable printing options were limited to Black and White printing only. Mbrush is the world’s only portable full-color printer. It utilizes the latest 3-Color Thermal Ink-jet Technology that provides vivid color printing. Now the portable printing experience is elevated with lifelike, full-color printing on any surface. 

clothes printing mbrush geekbuying printer

Multi-line printing

Mbrush Enables multi-line printing feature. You can print a total of 3m/9.8 feet content when using the powerful multi-line feature. 

The ergonomic design makes it easy to print with just one hand, weighing only 160 grams (including print cartridges), the lightest printer available today. It’s easy to replace the cartridge in just a few seconds. Simply open the printer, press in the new cartridge and return to printing.

It has a modern design that is ergonomic and stylish.

You can get this little printer at GeekBuying:

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