Electric Scooter Kugoo Kirin S1 – Discount price!

Kugoo Kirin S1 – Electric Scooter with 8-inch tires that are honeycomb design. It means that it is not an ordinary hard rubber tire or not even air tires. The ride with these tires is almost as smooth as the ride with air tires. It is not completely as smooth, but you don’t have to worry about a puncture. 

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electric scooter kugoo

Strong grip

The strong grip is also wear-resisting and safe. It’s suitable for different kinds of roads because it also has a front shock absorber built-in. It maximizes riding stability. 

3 Speed Modes

You can control the speed with the APP according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more secure. You have three-speed modes, 10km/h, 20km/h and 25km/h. Just by pressing the button on the handle you can switch through different speed modes. 

one button for multiple speed modes - kirin kugoo s1 pro

350W Brushless DC Motor

Strong power and running further: 350W Motor gives us Maximum of 25KM of range.

Safety Braking System

Revolutionary Dual brake Braking System and rear Bump Brake. It has an electric front brake, which is why the braking distance is as short as 4-5 meters. Short braking distance also gives us safer riding. 

electric scooter - front shock absorber


By pressing the button twice quickly you can toggle the lights on or off.

Kirin S1 also has only 11,9kg and it has an extremely easy folding mechanism.

Caution for your safety:

For safety reasons, please do not ride on rainy days, and do not soak the electric scooter. 

Because the Kugoo Kirin S1 is available in the European countries, shipping to these countries is duty-free:
Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Latvia, Slovenia, United Kingdom.

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