DISCOUNT CODE: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro 108MP Penta Camera Mobile Phone

Xiaomi Note 10 Pro’s Camera versatility and even the battery advantage are both creating this amazing and beautiful device that is currently on a Flash Sale at the You can get this amazing device for just $549.99 if you use the link provided at the bottom of the page and then just before the payment you enter the Coupon code: GBNT10PRO1.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro - DISCOUNT CODE at Gearbest
You can decide between three colors of Note 10.

With the coupon code, you will immediately receive a $50 discount. 

With the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, you will unveil the new era of Mobile Photography. Because of its Penta-camera setup with 108-megapixel, you can compare it with Huawei P30 and with OPPO Realme X2 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro - Penta camera layout
Penta-Camera Note 10.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro main features are:

  • Penta-camera: 108 MP primary camera + 20 MP ultra-wide-angle camera + long telephoto lens (5xZoom) + 12 MP short telephoto (portrait) lens + macro lens. 
  • 5260mAh battery capacity, which means goodbye to quick power-draining issues. 
  • 8GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage available. 
  • In-box 30W fast charger – charging takes only 30 minutes for 58% and 65 minutes for the full 100%. 
  • Infrared remote control sensor.

Let’s just stay at the cameras for a second here. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro offers Dual soft light and dual flash, so you could take really quality photos at any time of day. It offers you also Super night mode, which illuminates even the darkest scenes and sharpens your images. Cameras on Xiaomi Note 10 Pro are really brutal. 

What about the screen here?

It is a 6.47 inch 3D curved AMOLED screen with vibrant colors, a lot of details and a comfortable grip. The screen really is popping out and it is amazing. It is very nice hot they embedded the notch. It is just a teardrop notch for a front-facing camera for selfies with 32 MP and f/2.0 aperture. The FIngerprint sensor is integrated under the screen here and unlocks your phone instantly with just one tap. The screen resolution is 2340 x 1080. 

Screen - AMOLED - 3D curved


Snapdragon 730G – Adreno 618GPU and improved Artificial Intelligence for computing power. That means that AI will take care of the battery draining. The battery is extremely large by its capacity and it means you won’t have to charge your phone every night, as you probably do it now. 

There is just one thing I should not forget. Note 10 Pro has a headphone jack. A normal headphone jack. When I see this in the mobile device, I am very pleased that the manufacturer decided to keep it. Apple has started this trend of ditching the headphone jack, but I think this is something that will always be in use, no matter how you try to avoid it. 

This version of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is unlocked for worldwide use. 

There is just one thing that bothers me… it is not water-resistant or waterproof. This is a bit shameful, but it is not a deal breaker

If you ask me if you should:
– avoid it, 
– consider it, 
– shortlist it,
– go and buy it.

I would definitely recommend you to shortlist it and compare it with other flagships in its class. But don’t forget that you will pay much much more and it is not necessary that you will have much much more for more money with other companies. Think about it and put it on your shortlist. 

If you decide to buy it, you won’t regret it. Just remember to use this link: use this coupon code at the checkout and before payment: GBNT10PRO1.

I hope you will enjoy shopping with Gearbest and that you will use my links and coupon code to buy the goods you want, just now a bit cheaper. 

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