Cases for Sony Xperia Z5 – Review

Hey there all Tech freaks 😉

I was thinking, why I am not renameing my YT channel to TechFreak channel. Maybe.

Well, anyway… I created a short review of 4 protective cases for Sony Xperia Z5. Yes, I am proud owner of this Sony’s flagship smartphone and I love it! It really is amazing. No lag at all, speedy switching from app to an app and really nice photos. Maybe the next review it will be after some months of use.

I have put 4 cases on review. I am still waiting for one case that was really extra cheap. It should be here somewhere in the start of April because it will be shipped from China.
So far I have tested 3 cases that I ordered from eBay and one case that I bought in the store where I bought my Sony Xperia Z5.
Here are the links to cases I am showing you in the video below:

RINGKE Fusion (Smoke Black and Transparent) OR here. ($10.15 or 8,99 EUR) – Ringke website.

PRO: Great protection, covers for headphone jack and usb charging port, hard transparent back and great protective rubber edges, great camera button, you get screen protector.
CONS: Adds bulk to your phone, maybe not so classy and good looking, cutting for headphones is little too small for all plugs.



ORZLY ultra slim case (smoke black edition). ($8.92 or 7,90 EUR) – This one is my favourite! It maybe doesn’t give you as much of protection as Ringke but it really gives no bulk to phone and you can steel feel the phones design in your hand. Orzly website.

PRO: Nice protection, cuttings for plugs are perfect, great feel in the hand, no bulk at all, smoked black is the best choice for black Z5, you get screen protector.
CONS: Maybe not so good protection as Ringke, buttons are exposed, a bit hard to apply because it is soft.



MUVIT miniGel Soft & skin-tight case. ($19.01 or 13,00 EUR) – Muvit website.

PRO: Great protection, nice looking, hard back, rubber black edges, back plate is a bit sparkly, great cuttings for plugs.
CONS: Not so good cutting around the power button. Adds a bit of bulk.



If you have any questions about any case, feel free to comment and ask me.

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