Canon EOS M10 – Unboxing and quick startup guide (Mirrorless System Camera)

I finally bought a new camera. This time I bought Mirrorless DSLR or System Camera if you prefer that name. These mirrorless cameras are on some identity crisis I guess. In one stores are labeled as DSLR in other as Point and shoot and again in third stores as System Cameras. I prefer Mirrorless DSLR, because it has everything that regular DSLR has except for the mirror. It is also mechanical shutter, not like on Point&Shoot cameras where shutter is digital.


So anyway I have done the unboxing of Canon EOS M10 and after I totaly opened it I show you how to start using it. What you need to do and how do to it? That means how to attach the lens to the body, how to insert the memory card and how to insert the battery provided.

What’s in the box:

  • Canon EOS M10 – camera body
  • Zoom Lens EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM
  • Neck Strap EM-200DB
  • Battery charger LC-E12E
  • Battery Pack LP-E12
  • USB mini cable

What is the best feature of this camera? I personaly think that the best feature is Flip screen, so that you can normaly vlog and see if you are in focus and if everything that you want to shoot is in the video.

Second best thing is of course the touch screen, because it is extremely sensitive and it offers touch to focus function. It works flawlessly.

Battery is maybe a bit small regarding all the function that need juice. And for now I am getting through all day with one charge, but I think this is not going to last long. So replacements are needed. I have already ordered DSTE 2x LP-E12 Battery + DC136 Travel and Car Charger Adapter for Canon EOS M EOS M10 EOS Rebel SL1 EOS 100D Digital Camera. I just hope that I receive them fast 🙂

Tell me what you think about the camera. The complete Review of the camera is going to be out I hope that in the next month or even before. I am just so busy that I hardly find any time to go and shoot. Thank you for visiting my website and thank you for subscribing my channels: Vlogging channel and Reviewing channel.

Here is the video of unboxing:

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