Sony Xperia Z5 WiFi Problems (Marshmallow, Android, connectivity, drops wifi)

Problem with WIFI dropping on Sony Xperia Z5 Marshmallow is now FIXED! No more WIFI connection dropping, no more restarting WIFI. Check out in video what you have to do!

Wifi connection dropping on Sony Xperia Z5 (Premium) is giving us real issues. Now here is the fix or solution for that problem, when your wifi keeps dropping.

First you need to enable Developer Options in your settings menu. To do that you need to go to Settings and to About phone!

About phone - Sony Xperia Z5 - Android Marshmallow Build number in Android Marshmallow, Sony Xperia Z5

Then click 7 or 8 times to the “Build number” info field. Nothing will open, you just keep clicking until you get a info that the Developer options are enabled. After that, go back for one step, to your settings menu and now you have there Developer options enabled and next thing you need to do is to click on the Developer options menu.

Developer options in Android Use Legacy DHCP Client - Android WIFI Problems Sony Xperia z5

After you are in Developer options you find the “Use legacy DHCP Client“. Enable this options and that’s it! No more wifi problems! 🙂

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