Smatree Lightweight Travel Accessory Bag – Review

Recently a company called Smatree contacted me if I will be willing to make a review of one of their products. Well, I said yes and they have sent me which products are available. I have decided to go with a Lightweight Travel Accessory Bag – Case for Hard drives, Cables, iPad mini, etc. This case is really awesome magic. Before I was using different cases and bags for my external hard drives. But you can imagine that all other cables and adapters were freely lying in the main compartment of my backpack. Organization of my gadgets, cables and hard drives were bad. After I have received this Smatree travel accessory bag/case I am so proud of myself to have everything well organized.

You can get that case at: – Smatree lightweight Accessory Bag

Why I have stated that this case/bag is magic is because I have a lot of things in it and you can close/zip it without any effort. I use it for my:

  • 4 external hard drives with 3 different hard drive cables
  • USB-C cable and adapter for my tablet
  • SD cards
  • 2 extra batteries for my camera
  • Lighting cable for iPad
  • iPad in the case
  • 3 different USB-c adapters – for ethernet, VGA – HDMI
  • microphone for mobile phone
  • power adapter for iPad
  • earphones
  • Bluetooth earphones
  • and probably something else…

As you can see a bag is full of gadget that I actually use every day. Now I don’t need to search for cables or adapter in my backpack, I just take out this Smatree bag and everything I need is in it. The bag is also made out of great material. It is not cheap material. It is stretchy and well built together. And what I like most are the zippers because of their strength. Zippers are really good because they close the bag with all that stuff in it without any problems. I am already looking for other cases, bags from Smatree because I am impressed with its quality.

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