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FInally I decided to write a review about my new ForeFront case for my Kindle Paperwhite. Despite of some reviews and despite photos of the case itself I really didn’t expect very much of this casing for my Kindle Paperwhite. I was assuming that the price of its original must show that this one, which comes for £9.99 mustn’t be any good. I was wrong. First of all I must stress out that I got this case before the estimated delivery time. I got this item in exactly seven days. It was dispatched on December 20 and I got it on 27th of December. Thank you Amazon for very fast delivery.


I was kind of hoping that I will get it before the next year.

Well, let’s go back to the package… as you all know this package contains Paperwhite case, screen protector and also a small stylus. Got everything and I have already done a video unboxing and a short review of this case, because I haven’t found a video review of this case nowhere.

Here is the video of unboxing ForeFront case for Kindle Paperwhite

Case is very good built and it is quite professional. Paperwhite fits in smoothly and the “smart” function works perfectly. It actually turns on when you open it and goes to sleep when you close the cover of the case. I like it also because the cover is stuffed; it means that it has extra protection for your “precious” Kindle. It covers all sides of Paperwhite. The only bad thing is maybe that edges of Kindle are not covered but then again the inner part of the case is a bit inside than the cover and the backside so the edges are protected anyways.

Designers of the case made a small mistake, because there are small holes at the botom of back. It looks like they are there for speakers, which Paperwhite doesn’t have. But this is not disturbing at all.

When you are reading a book, you can easily fold the cover backwards and read it like a book with hard coverage. At the bottom of the Kindle where there is a button and micro USB connector there is a gap in the case, so you can even recharge it in the case. Inside the cover there is a small pocket for any papers or cards. Case also provides a stylus holder at the side.

ForeFront case - leather for Kindle PaperwhiteForeFront Kindle Paperwhite caseForeFront Kindle Paperwhite case

Kindle in this ForeFront case looks amazing and you should no longer be afraid of maybe dropping it or putting anything on it or maybe scratching it with keys in your backpack.

I haven’t put on the screen protector yet, but maybe I will even do that. I think that the case itself protects the screen also very good.

Summa summarum
It is a very good case and I am recommending it! It’s cheap and quality product.


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