Well, this was one of unordinary days. We went shopping. Complete family, my love and I went to Seiersberg in Austria. Seiersberg has one of biggest shopping malls in Austria near Graz. Love being there, because I always come home with many new things, clothes, gadgets, etc. Also this time, even though Katja has had a desire to go and buy a new coat for winter (well… she didn’t get the coat), I was the one who came home with many bags of clothes and with a pair of shoes. I recommend you to go to Seiersberg shopping mall if you are near Graz or just looking for a new place to shop.

If you ever go and fill your car with gas in Austria on gas stations with card automat… you need to know one thing. They will charge you the amount of 100€ (it is maximum amount possible) even if you have filled for less. After a day or two 100€ will be returned to your account and the correct amount will be taken. So… nothing wrong, just that you need to have 100€ on your account. I was a bit shocked when I saw they took me 100€ and not 56€, but after 2 days everything was ok.

Shopping in IKEA – love it. I just love to see to watch these IKEA stuff. Most incredible are appartments places that shows you how you can arrange your appartment if you have small one or even bigger ones. It is great to see how you can combine all kind of furniture and shells etc. Do you like to go in IKEA too? And of course you need to go and eat their hotdogs 🙂

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