Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 Inch Case – iHarbort Ultra Slim Leather Cover

Recently I have changed my internet service provider and because I was a new customer I had an option of 3 months 20 Eur per month discount or to choose one of the product for just 1 Eur. I have decided to go with the product. I have chosen a tablet, Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8. Really great tablet, that costs around 350 Euros.

Since I like to protect my tech gadgets, I decided to order a case for it. I have found a great case with a good rating on The case is from a company named iHarbort and it is Ultra Slim Leather Case Cover with a magnet. Just a couple of days passed I have received the case. The case is extremely good quality and it is protecting the tablet very well. On the back side is hard plastic and in the front cover is made also from hard material covered with leather feel and texture. The tablet is protected on all edges and where there are buttons the case has cutouts so the access to the buttons is great. Magnet is doing an amazing job holding the cover on its place. And when you flip the cover and fold it to hold and raise the tablet to view or typing mode, the magnet and the folding cover works amazing. I really like the cutouts for the speaker, since MediaPad M5 has 4 speakers it is very important to have decent cutouts for them.

I can totally recommend buying that case because I am very satisfied with it. The auto wake-up function works flawlessly and now I don’t worry anymore to scratch my tablet, because of the great protection of the case.

If you are looking to buy this case, here is the link where you can get it on:

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