How to vlog in public? – VLOG #30

How to vlog in public?
How not to scared while vlogging?
Vligging is fun.
How to start filming yourself?
Creating a camera slider DIY! Soon!

I of course answer to some of these question but not all, not this time. I will do special vlog/how to video so anyone could get some tips and tricks for vlogging or editing. Check the video to the end.
How to make homemade Slider? I am going to create a slider for my camera, because I just adore these shots. I also like timelapses, so I will buy something for timelapses!
I have also explained about cheap camera slider I will create or build soon. I am curently gathering together the material, so I hope I will get everything I need. Wish me luck. I just love slider shots.
Also showing you some rehearsals with Perpetuum Jazzile. Have fun.

Music by Joakim Karus on SoundCloud
Song: Fatherhood 

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