Here Comes Paparazzi! – VLOG #28

Very busy and full day. First I went to office in Ptuj (in the streets of Ptuj, I had to strugle through ice, I could shoot an ice falling fail video), from where I went to Maribor to the concert with Perpetuum Jazzile. We had a concert for Slovenian Post (Pošta Slovenija). After the concert there was a great afterparty where we ate all of cakes. Check out me as Paparazzi as Blaž said.

When I came to Ptuj, guys from Melos were already waiting for me to start a rehearsal and to go to a performance at a Birthday party. Our surprise went well and we had a great night with singing.

Easy weekend ahead. No vlogging in weekend. More vlogging in the next week and more How To videos is coming out.

Music by Joakim Karud
Song: Search by Joakim Karud

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