Explaining views and errors of YouTube! – VLOG #29

How does YouTube register views?
YouTube 301 Freeze?!
How are YouTube views counted?
YouTube Where Are My Views?
YouTube deleted My Views!
How to make embeded Autoplay YouTube video?
Why Autoplay on Embeded video doesn’t count?
How many times can I watch a video that counts a view?
How to increase YouTube views?
Hundreds of Views in Minutes! – YouTube?

Video view counter is something special and we all are always checking and are proud of our video views. When someone takes that away. You get upset. I know I did! So I went to research all this. I am wondering how does YouTube count our views? And I have found out what you need to do to get more views!!! Check out my video.

MUSIC by Dyalla
SONG: Red Velvet

What is a YouTube VIEW?
Autoplay Embeded videos?
YouTube Error Taking Views


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