Coupon for 360 S9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner – only at GeekBuying

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Specifications of the all-new 360 S9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Ultrasonic sensor LDS lidar + ultrasonic anti-collision sensor + SLAM algorithm to achieve more accurate and efficient cleaning.

The powerful 2200Pa suction power can remove all debris, steel balls, soybeans, dust, millet, or other wastes, keeping the ground clean and tidy.

Multi-layer map management, you can create and save maps for each floor, redefine the cleaning method.

The double noise reduction air duct can keep the noise below 55dB. When using the robot vacuum cleaner, there is no need to increase the volume of the TV to achieve quiet vacuuming.

5200mAh large capacity battery, vacuum cleaner working time up to 3 hours.

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