Best MacBook Pro Cover – ARTWIZZ RUBBER CLIP – MacBook 2016/2017 Protective Cover

As a fresh owner of a new MacBook Pro 15″ 2017 model with Touch Bar, I would like to protect this expensive machine with quality covers, cases or notebook backpacks. Because the product line of protective covers for Apple computers is very reach, I have checked a lot of products on the internet already. I ordered already beautiful sleeve for MacBook Pro 15″ from Inateck company and I was decided to buy also a cover for MBP.

Since my girlfriend and I had a vacation, we went to Bratislava and right near the hotel there was a huge shopping centre and inside of the shopping center there was an Apple store “iStores”. They had a cover that was something I was looking for. So I decided to go get it.

Cover is from company named ArtWizz. ArtWizz is a German company located in Berlin. They are creating a lot of products also for mobile phones.

Cover I bought is ArtWizz Rubber Clip – all around protection cover for MacBook Pro 15″ 2016 and 2017 model with 4 usb C and TouchBar.  The cover contains two parts, upper part that is for the lid and the bottom part for the bottom of the MBP. It is made out of hard rubber, that means it is not some hard cheap plastic but it is actually hard rubber. It has that soft touch feeling and what is the most important… it has all ports cut outs and also cut out for air intakes and outakes. It is also protecting the hinge of the MBP and the back edges of the MBP that most of the covers doesn’t covers. THIS is why I decided to buy it.

PRICE: 43,34 EUR

It is affordable and not too expensive. And I think that it is a product of great quality and value. You can get it also for 13″ MacBook Pro model.

If you are looking to buy that kind of cover for your MBP, check out the link below at Amazon store and don’t hesitate to order it. You definitely won’t regret it.

AMAZON: LINK to the Amazon store (Germany)

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