Become an Ambassador for companies – Scam on Instagram

In the last days when I was sliding through Instagram stories, I have noticed a sponsored story by different Instagram accounts with different products and photos but with the same message “Become an Ambassador – Get free “products” if accepted”. In the speed of skipping stories, I went back to this one since there are some possibilities to become an ambassador of a company.

First sponsored story I found out is the commercial for some kind of EarPods – branded with name Tesla. Get free Tesla Pods and become an ambassador. It looks tempting but there must be some catch. I have made a slide up and check the website behind this. Well, first they wanted to have some information from me. Name, Instagram account, e-mail address and the answer to the question “Why would you be the great Ambassador?”. I have decided to go for it, to see what is behind this. After fulfilling this info I received a Thank you email and a message to wait for their decision. A couple of hours later I received another e-mail with a great message. I was chosen as their Ambassador! YaY!

They are very exclusive in their selection process! Tesla Pods? Anyone?

Well, here comes the tricky part. You get to order three Tesla Pods for free and you also receive a discount code for your followers for 30% off. But all they ask is that you pay for the shipping and recommend their products to your friends and followers. Sound cool would you say. But the shipping for one pair of Tesla Pods is 15 USD. And for each pair separately. So you pay 45 USD for three free Tesla Pods.

Later I have noticed even more sponsored stories with similar content for other products. One was for jewelry and the other for watches. I have entered both and guess what? I have received a positive answer from all of them. I have become an ambassador for three companies.

I didn’t stop. I went googling and searching for information about these companies and their products. On Reddit, I have found out some interesting info. People reporting ordering 5 watches and receiving only two after 4 months of waiting. After they have received the watches they checked their brand and have seen that these watches are sold at the Aliexpress for less than 5 USD. So it was 100% clear that this is another internet scam where someone is earning money on receiving the money for “shipping” that is extra large. You can check up at yourself. People are reporting extremely low-quality watches that supposed to be bought for more than a hundred dollars but being the Ambassador you get it for free… or do you?

I have also tried to find something about that Tesla Pods. I didn’t find anything about that product. And since the photos on the website that is in the received email are just the same as the photos of Apple’s Airpods.

Don’t get scammed. Be careful with that kind of offers. If you see anything like this make a research on Google. You will most likely find out that this is either a scam or really bad product.

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